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Why use Xgen Mail as your business email?


Identification of your needs

Setting up enterprise email begins with understanding the needs and demands of your enterprise from your IT department. Our adept team will develop a comprehensive understanding of the processes that are integral to your business. Armed with this information, we’ll present you with the most efficient solution for your pain points while equipping you to make an informed decision.

Professional Email Features Ensure your business communications are at their best with these enterprise features exclusively available in XgenPlus Email Solution.


AI Compose:

Transform your email communication with XgenPlus AI Compose! Experience the power of advanced AI for seamless and personalized email writing. Enjoy multilingual support, creative tone settings, customizable prompts, and adjustable email lengths. Enhance your email experience with the perfect blend of convenience and creativity!


IDN and EAI compatible:

XgenPlus is the first Enterprise IDN Email Compliant Solution that follows all EAI protocols and allows people to use almost any language in their e-mail addresses. XgenPlus allows Multi Language Support for its users to choose the desired e-mail address to be in any language following Unicode standard.


Secured encrypted email :

Xgenplus provides a secured system to protect your emails and files. It allows user to Secure their emails by encrypting them before sending. Receive Encrypted emails which others cannot read even after logging into your account. Digitally sign all emails and ensure that emails are not modified/altered on the way after sending it up to the destination and verifiable by the recipient.


Attendance & Tracking :

XgenPlus Attendance Management helps HR/managers effortlessly track their team's location & attendance. Field/remote employees can now mark attendance online, share their live location, & be monitored remotely. This boosts operational efficiency & provides reliable, accurate reports.


Video Conferencing:

Stay connected & productive with Xgenplus email's VideoMeet! This secure video conferencing platform ensures seamless meetings with:

  • Encrypted calls
  • Personalised Room Branding
  • Simple scheduling & joining
  • Lightweight interface

Easy Admin Management :

Manage Server Admin, Domain Admin, Billing Admin, User Level and Owner Level Controls along with easy management of multiple domains and users through single Web Based admin panel. Control space quota, , IP address range and other features for each domain.

Create your email address in your preferred language

For Example :संपर्क@एक्सजेनप्लस.भारत /

Email Scheduling

Email Scheduling

Easily schedule emails directly within XgenPlus, and reach users inboxes at exactly the right time.

Schedule Emails and Send Recurring emails


Reach your prospect’s inbox at exactly the right time.


Can easily use the Calendar option and manually adjust the time for it to send.

Other features to help run your enterprise efficiently

Add and manage multiple domains from a single account or set up domain Email aliases for existing domains. Create group email addresses and decide access levels for your group members. Even buy your domain from xgenplus Mail.

Control the data flow in and out of your enterprise by defining email policies to suit your security needs and applying them to selective users. Email policy lets you pick from a variety of email, domain, account, and access restrictions.

Recover emails deleted from user accounts in a few quick steps. Select the users whose emails need to be recovered, pick the duration when the emails were deleted, and designate a destination folder to begin recovering emails.

Frequently Asked QuestionsEnsure your business communications are at their best with these enterprise features exclusively available in XgenPlus Email Solution.

XGenPlus Enterprise Email Solution is for the individuals and organizations who are looking for Advance email solution. XgenPlus is ideal for ISP / Hosting Companies / Larger Enterprise / SMB / BPO / Colleges and Schools / Government. Here are Top 20 reasons to choose XgenPlus As your Email Solution

YES, XGenPlus supports POP/IMAP on Outlook Express and other mail clients.

Shows the last and current login IP address for you verify is someone’s snooping in your mailbox. You can also fix your IP address to bar any snoopers and block the access. Read client side and server side security features of XgenPlus

Yes, XGenPlus is providing protection from virus through command line anti-virus. Infected mails is deleting before sending to receiver

XgenPlus offers all email features and helps to respond efficiently to high volumes of email and Web forms.

  • It logs electronic interactions and the interaction history with changing the interface.
  • Set message rules to define message flow in any of the mail options as required by sender or by the contents of the message.
  • Set rule to send SMS alert on receipts of defined emails.
  • Send personalised emails in bulk.

Each XGenPlus account comes with an administration console, using which, you can easily manage the email ID’s and other email-related features.