Xgenplus – IDN/EAI Compliant Enterprise Email Hosting Server

Xgenplus is an enterprise email server for the global market, supporting millions of users with a unique capability to provide EAI (Email Address Internationalization) i.e Linguistic Email Address like संपर्क@एक्सजेनप्लस.भारत (Email address in Hindi) on Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) . It supports all basic & advanced facilities like pop, imap, webmail, calendar, contacts, SMS, scheduling, security, auto downgrading and more. , making Xgenplus one of the Most Advanced Email Server.

Product Overview

Communication by email still remains mission critical for business. If you run any mid/large organization, you have plenty of things in your mind like human resources, budgets, purchase, customers and deadlines.

Xgenplus mail server keeps eye on your emails by E-Governance . It consists of UNIQUELY designed modules for Organizations, enabling them with features to improved productivity, security, user accountability and automated communication tasks through simple steps.

It’s a powerful communication solution, which provides fast, secure and reliable unified communication i.e email, transactional emails, group emails, SMS and faxing all at one place.

Xgenplus is Ideal For: ISP / Hosting Companies / Larger Enterprise / SMB / BPO / Colleges and Schools / Government.

Our clients include Banks, National/State Security Agencies, and Manufacturing companies, Insurance and Advertising agencies, Agricultural and Architectural firms, Law and Accounting firms and almost everything in between.

Universal Acceptance in India

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Xgenplus Case Study by ICANN

Xgenplus provides email solutions for the global market, supporting 50 million users including governments, telecoms, enterprises and individuals…

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