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World’s first enterprise email solution that supports linguistic domains.

Empowering 10,000+ professionals,
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Join the ranks of over 10,000 satisfied professionals, businesses, and enterprises who have experienced the power of XgenPlus. With a robust set of features and unparalleled reliability, XgenPlus is the preferred choice for email communication across various industries. Discover why more than 1000+ medium and large enterprises trust XgenPlus for their email needs.

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XgenPlus Features
XgenPlus Features
XgenPlus Features
XgenPlus Features
XgenPlus Features
XgenPlus Features

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Global enterprises trusts XgenPlus

Provides Secure communication leading to increased productivity and data privacy in organization.

Proven Cost Savings

No specific Hardware or Software requirements which require extra cost to be paid at client’s end and need minimal administration.

Administrative & Data Control

Administrators can very well customize Xgenplus to meet their Technical, Branding and Business Requirement.

24/7 Customer Support

Supported by a Team of Experienced Support Professionals – ready to provide answers and assistance through Voice and Emails.

Security and Compliance

Xgenplus’s information security team, including security experts are focused on keeping your information safe abiding all the regulations.

Better Storage Plan

Bulk space allocation is provided to organizations and domain administrator that can further allocate the space.

99.9% Uptime Reliability

Data Sync Provision allows data and related activities to be simultaneously preserved in multiple secure servers.

Buy Xgenplus for Your Data Centre/ Premises.

Looking to tightly integrate Xgenplus into your existing IT infrastructure and back office business applications? Contact one of Xgenplus Sales Team for a quote to deploy xgenplus into your secure & private datacenter / premises.

Access from anywhere, anytime

Stay connected and productive no matter where you are with XgenPlus. Our advanced email solution provides seamless access to your emails, contacts, and calendars from any device, at any time. Experience the freedom and flexibility to work remotely, collaborate with ease, and never miss a beat with XgenPlus.

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Download the app now

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Affordable Email Hosting in India

Taking into account that in the days of technological domination there are emergence of email hosting

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In the knowledge-intensive environment of the internet, e-mail facilities have become significant for both private and

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In the knowledge-intensive environment of the internet, e-mail facilities have become significant for both private and

“M/S Data Ingenious Global Limited has supplied Xgenplus email Software and Spamjadoo Antivirus & Antispam software license basis, which has been successfully configured installed in our network at our premises on our domain name & the email services for all email users have been successfully activated without any downtime in our network.

The performance of the entire solution is satisfactory. The training & support is also been provided to us by DIL team at out location. We thank DIL team & management for their prompt support.”

Initial Mlambo, Asst. General Manager, Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran (P) Limited

“We are delighted to confirm that Xgenplus has met our expectations by delivering satisfactory services and support. We extend our best wishes to them for their future endeavors.”

Vinod Prajapati, Deputy General manager (Systems)

“Xgenplus has successfully completed the installation and completed the project. The performance and total solution of Xgenplus is exceptional, along with excellent support from the team.”

Vikas Narula, AU Finance

“We are pleased to acknowledge the exceptional messaging services provided by Xgenplus to BSNL customers. Their work order was awarded in 2013, and they effectively concluded and implemented the messaging service in May 2014. The integration with BSNL Provisioning system for automated email service provisioning has been seamless. Currently, there are 81,09,186 live email accounts, each with 1 GB of storage space. The performance features and overall solution provided by Xgenplus have been highly commendable.”

N M Manickam, Director (CFA), BSNL

“Xgenplus has successfully customized and installed the software application, along with its related applications, at the Rajasthan State Data Center. They have taken on the responsibility of onsite management, tuning, troubleshooting, monitoring, and reporting, as specified in the Scope of Work and SLA. The services provided by Xgenplus have been operational and running smoothly since August 16th, 2017. We express our satisfaction and acknowledge that the work executed aligns with our expectations.”

Vijay Prakash, ACP Deputy Director, RISL

“We are delighted to offer this testimonial for Xgenplus and their corporate mailing solution service. Since July 25th, 2014, we have been utilizing their services. We are pleased to state that the service has consistently met our requirements and provided satisfactory results.”

Chief Executive Officer, Jharkhand State Cooperative Bank

“Xgenplus Technologies went above and beyond our expectations by delivering our EAI/IDN Complied hosted email service promptly and in accordance with our purchase order. We wholeheartedly endorse their exceptional corporate mailing solution service and eagerly look forward to our ongoing successful partnership.”

Rajiv Kumar, Manager Registry, NIXI

“We are delighted to confirm that Xgenplus has successfully provided us with all the services we required, and they continue to operate smoothly till date. The services and support they provided were of exceptionally high quality and met our satisfaction.”

Chief Engineer, (TD & IT) RVUN

“M/s Xgenplus, Jaipur has conducted their work in a professional manner so far. Additionally, they are responsible for providing support for the mail system, as per the support terms outlined in the purchase order, for a duration of five years.”

Rajeev Agarwal, AGM (IT), HAL

“We acknowledge that the work being carried out by Xgenplus, Jaipur under the mentioned work order is progressing satisfactorily up to the present date.”

Sanjeev Kumar, IT Manager, NHDC

“We are delighted to confirm that thus far, Xgenplus has effectively delivered all services to us and they are currently running smoothly. The services and support they provided were highly satisfactory. We extend our best wishes to them for their future endeavors.”

Dinesh More, Chief Manager ARB (Retail), BPCL

“We are pleased to certify that Xgenplus, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, provided outstanding Email Services (Hosted Solution) to MTNL Mumbai ISP Email users, involving approximately 35,000 mailboxes.”

Avinash Dabhade, Dy. Manager (IT), MTNL

Discover why XgenPlus is called a
complete enterprise email solution

XgenPlus is an ultimate communicative, collaborative, secure and cost effective email solution for ISP / Hosting Companies / Larger Enterprise / SMB / BPO / Colleges and Schools / Government. We at XGenPlus provides secured customizable email platform to exchange email, messages , task etc.

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