XgenPlus : VideoMeet Virtual Video Conferencing Solution

Xgenplus email solution empowers organization with VideoMeet- virtual video conferencing to create/ join meeting on Xgen Email powered by VideoMeet. With Videomeet in Xgenplus, you can stay connected more quickly, meetings are encrypted in transit and our array of default-on anti-abuse measures keep your meetings safe.Simply schedule a meeting and distribute a link. More Info

Xgen Office

Xgen Office brings your documents to life by providing smart editing and styling tools that enable you to quickly format text and paragraphs. All your changes are automatically saved as you type. With Xgen Office, you can access the document 24/7 wherever you have an internet connection. This kind of flexibility is extremely helpful, particularly for users who are often travelling and working from multiple devices. More Info

Lead Management

Nowadays, it’s important for every organization to generate leads and offer best services to its customers. Xgen Lead Management is specially designed for the Sales Team that helps team in Adding, tracking and nurturing sales leads. In this activity the team lead also gets the opportunity to see the lead status of his team member so that he can intervene as and when required.More Info For More Details watch tutorial

.EML File Extension

EML is a file extension for an email message saved to a file in the Internet Message Format protocol for electronic mail messages. This feature allows sharing the entire mail as an attachment to which the receiver can reply in proper format.More Info

Schedule Meeting

Xgen Calendar is a Business Calendar, designed to ease creating & scheduling business meetings. XgenPlus Calendar helps User to create execute and record of Meetings. User can invite people to attend the meeting.More Info

Three layer folder creation

User can create folder, sub-folder, sub-sub-folder for convenience. This feature has been revised to enable user segregate the mails under various headings so that it’s easy for user to search for similar types of mails. More Info For More Details watch tutorial


Once you installed and configure XgenPlus you can sign in through email address and password, created by administrator. With XgenPlus Sign in can be done through various methods.More Info

How To Enable Out Of Office / Set Vacation Email / Auto Reply Email

An auto reply response is pre-designed reply to an email. Out of office enables user to send an automated reply when user is not available in office or at workplace. When a user go on vacation and take a week off from work, user can set an auto reply or default email for everyone. User can manually turn it on, using time, dates, and week days as per their criteria. More Info For More Details watch tutorial

Update Contact List

As Business connections grow day by day, it’s important to maintain up-to-date information about your contacts. Contact Update feature help you to keep your contact list maintained & updated. Each contact’s information can be updated automatically at any time with Contact Update Option in XgenPlus Email.More Info For More Details watch tutorial

Move Email to Another folder with Tag

Identify from which folder email has been moved.

XgenPlus makes it very easy to organize your emails. ‘Move to folder’ option enable users to move specific emails to another folder. In way to enhance this feature, now user can identify from which folder they have moved their emails. It will ease for users, if he wants to move emails back to the original folder in future.More Info For More Details watch tutorial

Quick Reply In XgenPlus

Xgneplus Email are now filled with more enhanced feature of quick reply, user can send reply to the sender directly without hassle.

Inspired by the wide popularity of “Instant Action” we have added the “quick reply” button, so a user can send the quick reply to the Email without open in new window. User can type reply and simultaneously he/she can see complete mail. This saves time & give user power to respond in a jitters.More Info

Attendence Management & Employee Tracking System in XgenPlus Mobile App

XgenPlus Email App is now capable to integrates with HR management and payroll system to mark attendance. This feature allows to manage employees attendance and keep track of the team especially marketing team on the field. Now employees can mark the attendance remotely from the app itself and share their live location to anyone.More Info

Xgen Say

Digital communications including audio and video are sensitive user data that need to be protected against unauthorised access. Data Xgen Technologies allows you to create a secure communications service across any network including public internet. We make your email address as your standalone identity for everyone, no need to share your mobile or any other number to communicate in our system. You can talk unlimited on Wi-Fi or 3G/4G internet connection.More Info

Xgen IM

Spike on your conversation with the real time Xgen IM that enables Instant Messaging / File Transfer for Organization. XgenPlus has been upgraded with an Instant chat messenger in webmail that allows you to chat and transfer your text, audio, video files within an organization. Now it is easy to collaborate with your teammates without sharing mobile numbers and ensure privacy and security of data with Xgen IM. XgenPlus user can communicate & do instant message/chat with their colleagues on the move with the Xgen IM app available on playstore and appstore.More Info For More Details watch tutorial

Calendar Sync

Sync Xgenplus calendar with your mobile, tablet & desktop calendar so that you can monitor & manage all your calendar events at one place. A user can create, edit, delete any event and instantly that event get sync automatically over the mobile local calendar.For More Details watch tutorial


Sometimes you are not prepared to read or reply to your inbox mail immediately. At that time, snooze option plays wonders. Snooze feature allows a user to temporarily disappear email for a user defined time from the inbox and makes it reappear as a fresh email in the inbox when the defined time is over.More Info For More Details watch tutorial

Auto Reply Upgrade

When we set “Out Of Office Message”, user get auto reply for each mail that they send to the person who is out of office.

One reply for each sender: one sender will receive one auto reply in a day. Suppose if same sender sends 10 mails to the person who have set out of office message, will get one auto reply only instead of 10 in a day.

No Wait in schedule: Now this auto reply message will send immediately as soon as sender will send mail. It will not go in schedule.

For More Details watch tutorial

Give Access of your Account

Now you need not to worry about your important mails while you are on Holidays or any other business trips. You just authorize your subordinates or your agents to receive your emails and they can reply on those mails on your behalf without sharing login credentials of your account. The Beauty of this feature is, this reply message will not be saved in their sent folder. It will be saved in your sent folder only. So whenever you access your email, can check all the replies that your subordinates/agents have done on your behalf.

More Info For More Details watch tutorial