Quick Reply

Xgenplus Email are now filled with more enhanced feature of quick reply, user can send reply to the sender directly without hassle.

Inspired by the wide popularity of “Instant Action” we have added the “quick reply” button, so a user can send the quick reply to the Email without open in new window. User can type reply and simultaneously he/she can see complete mail. This saves time & give user power to respond in a jitters.

Let’s See how it works?

1. Once you receive email, open that mail. You will see an option of quick reply in bottom right of email Window.

2. The button appears at the bottom only when you are viewing a message thread or a single message, and not in your inbox

3. Click on Quick Reply, a pop up screen will open in bottom right. You can type your message in that.

4. Once you type the message and click on ‘send’ it will be sent as an email to the recipient, it’s easier than using a traditional ‘Reply’ Email option and takes nothing more than one click to do it.

5. Your sent message will reflect in the ‘sent’ folder. Using ‘Quick Reply’ it’s easier to write a concise email to read through and understand, expressing shortage of time.

6. This quick reply will be sent to user who have sent that mail. It will not be sent to the users that are in “cc” & “bcc”.