Move Email to Another folder with Tag

Identify from which folder email has been moved

XgenPlus makes it very easy to organize your emails. ‘Move to folder’ option enable users to move specific emails to another folder.

In way to enhance this feature, now user can identify from which folder they have moved their emails. It will ease for users, if he wants to move emails back to the original folder in future.

How it works?

  • When you move any email from a source folder to target folder. You select that email or multiple email, select folder from the dropdown list of “Move To”, mail will be moved.
  • In target folder mail will be listed with a tag which indicates its movement from original folder

Let’s take an example

  • If a user moved an email from inbox to ‘Spam-Promo’ folder like in below figure. When he opens the ‘Spam-Promo’ folder, the moved email will display in the list with tag that tell us about its origin folder.

Now again if the same Email is moved back to inbox it will show in the inbox having tag ‘moved from Spam-Promo’ folder.