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Building a happiness quotient at workplaces is mandatory: Dr. Ajay Data shares tips to retain right talent (November 16, 2021)

Dr. Ajay Data, MD, Data Group was Chief Guest at the event ‘HR Conclave- with theme HR: The Growth Catalyst’. It brought together people managers, HR professionals from myriad industries under one roof to discuss the changing workplace culture, need to transform with hybrid culture becoming reality, advancements and technology interventions needed in hiring and induction process for easing out things for employees. Dr. Data shared tips on retaining right talent for the new-age companies.

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You should never waste a crisis- Dr. Ajay Data, Founder & CEO of Data Xgen Technologies (January 21, 2021)

Dr. Ajay Data is the Founder & CEO of Data Xgen Technologies. He is an Indian entrepreneur and elected Chair of Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) . Data led the creation of one of the world’s first linguistic email address mobile apps for Internationalized DomainNames domains. He has been recently credited with Graham Bell Award for this innovation and Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay Excellence Award for work in languages and script. During his interaction with TheTechPod, Dr. Ajay Data says – “You should never waste a crisis.”

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हिंदी, गुजराती, मराठी के बाद अब कन्नड़ भाषा में भी ई—मेल की सुविधा. (Aug 17,2020)

अब कर्नाटक ( Karnataka ) के लोग अपनी कन्नड़ भाषा ( Kannada language ) में भी ई—मेल आईडी बना सकेंगे। ई—मेल कर और प्राप्त कर सकेंगे। इसके लिए जयपुर की आईटी फर्म डेटा एक्सजेन टेक्नोलॉजी ने मेड इन इंडिया सर्वर ‘डेटामेलडॉटइन’ पर कन्नड़ भाषा में सुविधा शुरू कर दी है। ई—मेल सर्विस ( email service ) में भाषा की बाधा को तोड़ते हुए अभी तक अरेबिक, रशियन, चाइनीज, जापान, थाई, कोरियन सहित गैर अंग्रेजी भाषा में 15 भारतीय भाषाओं में ई—मेल शुरू हो चुकी है।

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Data Xgen Covered as prominent player in Email Market. (March 13, 2020)

Email management software helps enterprises to manage large volumes of inbound emails easily. The software includes a ticketing system that assigns reference numbers to email queries. These software assist agents in tracking and responding to email requests with greater ease while also minimizing spam. It offers data enhancement, thus providing details about email’s author and intelligence analysis and helping readers to understand the content of an email. The increasing demand for software-based services across the urbanizing countries is likely to result in the high growth of the email management solution market.

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WHY SECURING EMAIL IS IMPORTANT? Dr. Ajay Data, CEO Data Xgen Technologies (February 19, 2020)

There is a popular saying that if a pigeon closes its eyes while looking at the cat & believe that cat will not see and will not harm pigeon is like living in fool’s paradise. poorly secured email servers are best friends for taking money out of you or using your server as a nest to do illegal activities.

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इंटरनेट वर्ल्ड में लैंग्वेज बैरियर तोड़ने का काम नई ऊँचाईयां छुएगा इस नए साल में- Dr. Ajay Data (January 2, 2020)

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Data Xgen Technologies Gears Up To Provide Email Services In Kashmiri Language (December 10, 2019)

The Inability To Manage Agreement Is The Essential Symptom of This Paradox- Dr. Ajay Data, December, 6, 2019

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In this competitive world everyone is trying to get new customers and investing millions of $s to get customers however by solving small bug into your website/ software you may get pie from next billion people online.

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Dr. Ajay Data Exclusive Interview By Zee Rajasthan News (September 26, 2019)

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Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay Excellence Award- Dr. Ajay Data (September 26, 2019)

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Secured India With Digital Force (September 20, 2019)

Digital Defence: India needs to safeguard its Digital Boundaries. To safeguard against Digital enemies, India needs to put in place a high-level Artificial Intelligence security system along with other digital security mechanisms to protect the digital boarders. By- Dr Ajay Data, Founder & CEO, Data Xgen Technologies Ltd & Co-Chair FICCI ICT and Digital Economy. Read more

Source: [Times of India]

Data Xgen Launches Xgen Say App (September 17, 2019)

Data Xgen Technologies Private Limited a leading enterprise communication IT company, on monday announced the launch of it’s new offering ‘Xgen Say’ a platform which provides the facility of voice and video calls to it’s users.

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Let’s go almost 20 decades back. How did business take place face to face meeting, written documents or may be telephonic calls? The Scenario changed once emails found their way out and things were never the same again. From initiating a conversation with a prospective client to closing the deal and discussing payment emails has been the way out.

XgenPlus Enables Email To Email Audio And Video Calls (September 10, 2019)

Data Xgen Technologies Pvt Ltd, leading enterprise communication IT Company, today announced the launch of its new offer- Xgen Say which provides users voice and video calls among them. The Xgen Say is an indigenously developed internet phone or Voice Over IP phone (VoIP) and the users simply need a valid email address and they will be able to communicate across the organisation without revealing or exchanging your mobile / phone numbers. Announcing the launch, Founder and CEO of Data Xgen Technologies Dr Ajay Data said, “Our primary concern was to provide a secure solution for the calls. Avoiding call hacking was taken care of by making all calls encrypted. Read More

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India’s internet user’s expected to register robust growth nearly 18% annually and expected to reach 650 million by 2020. As india makes deep internet penetration safe-guarding digital infrastructure against cyber attacks becomes paramount. Data email security are major areas of concern in the times of the digital revolution.

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Email Address In Assamese Soon- Dr. Ajay Data (August, 26, 2019)

Dataxgen Technology Dr Ajay Data said, “The major barrier is for those people who do not know English and those who prefer to work in their own mother language without depending on any other language. We need internet infrastructure to be well aware of different scripts. It is only just to make the world more open and connected and give everyone the power to receive, understand and share information.” Besides Assamese, Data Xgen by breaking Linguistic barrier is all set to add more languages like Malayalam, Oriya and Kannada. Read More

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सुरक्षित डिजिटल इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर हो पहली प्राथमिकता- डॉ. अजय डाटा (August 09, 2019)

बढ़ते डिजिटलआईज़ेशन के साथ साइबर हमले देश के लिए चिंता का कारन बने हुए है. इसलिए सर्कार के साथ बड़े-बड़े स्टेक्होल्डर को अपनी प्राथमिकता में सुरक्षित डिजिटल इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर को सबसे ऊपर रखना होगा। ये कहना है डाटा एक्सजेन टेक्नोलोजी के सीेईओ और यूनिवर्सल एक्सेप्टेन्स स्टीरिंग ग्रुप के चेयरमैन डॉ अजय डाटा का

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XgenPlus New Email App to Manage Employees Attendance (August 08, 2019)

XgenPlus Attendance Management System allows the Human Resource department to manage employee’s attendance and keep track of the field team Read More

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XGenPlus helps Rajasthan cops with advanced communication system. (June 13, 2019)

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has launched an advanced communication systems at Police Head Quarters in Jaipur whereby nearly 100,000 policemen of the state would now be empowered with digital radio, policemail with email Id: and police.rajasthan.bharat (in hindi ) and a messenger carrier through Rajcop Mobile App. Read More

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XgenPlus offers security, data privacy on Instant Messenger. (May 15, 2019)

BE it cyber attack, on Wipro systems or latest breach of privacy on Whatsapp, security, and privacy to data has become the major concerned today in internet space. Addressing these issues, Data Xgen technologies Pvt Ltd has now ventured into yet another innovative technology –XgenPlus which offers a robust and highly secure instant messaging and collaboration platform. Newly launched Instant Messenger by XgenPlus offers unparallel security and data privacy. Read More

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Experts stress on breaking linguistic barriers on internet. (May 7, 2019)

Innovations and universal efforts have prompted the development of content and applications in regional or local languages such as Marathi and this transformation will empower majority of Non -English population of the Maharashtra. Read More

Source: [Indian Express]

भारतीय भाषांमध्ये इंटरनेट वाढणार (May 7, 2019)

फेडरेशन ऑफ इंडियन चेंबर ऑफ कॉमर्स अँड इंडस्ट्री (फिक्की) या राष्ट्रीय संस्थेने भारतीय भाषांमधील इंटरनेट वाढीसाठी इंडियन लॅंग्वेज अलायन्स (फिक्की-आयएलआयए) स्थापन केला आहे. या संस्थेने पहिली मराठी परिषद पुण्यात घेतली. परिषेदत डॉ. डाटा बोलत होते. भारतात इंटरनेटवर प्रादेशिक भाषांचा होत असलेला प्रसार आणि प्रादेशिक भाषांपुढील आव्हाने या परिषदेचा उद्देश होता. आपल्या देशात २२ हून अधिक भाषा बोलल्या जातात, यातील १५ भाषांमध्ये आता डॉट भारत हे डोमेन उपलब्ध आहे. इंग्रजीतूनच डोमेन नोंदविण्याचे बंधन त्यामुळे संपले आहे, असेही डॉ. डाटा यांनी सांगितले. Read More

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Looking Ahead to a Bright Future for the Universal Acceptance of All Domain Names (May 2, 2019)

A month into my new role as Chair of the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG), I am more energized than ever about the work we are doing to help build the inclusive Internet of tomorrow. As the next billion Internet users come online, it is critical that all domain names and email addresses – regardless of language, character or length – work with all applications. Read More

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How the internet language barrier is being demolished (April 20, 2019)

From accessing web content, domain names are also used for email addresses and a host of other Internet applications. Hence, UA requires that software applications should be updated to accept the new gTLDs and IDNs. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Xgenplus have started supporting email address internationalisation (i.e, email address for IDN domain), thus providing UA-ready messaging services. Hence it is very important to educate software developers, engineers, domain name registrars and registries on the importance of UA in the context of new gTLDs and IDNs. Read More

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Is Your Email Ready for a Multilingual Internet? (March 13, 2019)

The Universal Acceptance Steering Group will provide an update on activities since ICANN’s meeting in Barcelona.UASG members Coremail and XgenPlus are providing one free email address to ICANN64 attendees. Read More

Ajay Data elected Chairman of UASG (March 12, 2019)

The Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG), which is supported by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), has elected Ajay Data as its Chairman. Data, Founder and CEO at Data Xgen Technologies, is the first Asian to be selected for this post. The group’s members come from global IT companies likeApple, GoDaddy, Afilias, Google, Microsoft, XgenPlus and Verisign and it receives financial and administrative support from ICANN. Read More

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Ajay Data beats Merdinger to head universal acceptance group (March 12, 2019)

Email entrepreneur and internationalized domain name expert Ajay Data has been named as the new chair of the group that is struggling to promote the universal acceptance of top-level domains across the internet. Data, who replaces Afilias COO Ram Mohan after a four-year term, beat GoDaddy’s VP of domains Rich Merdinger in a secret ballot of the Universal Acceptance Steering Group this week.

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RajMail: An Ambition towards Linguistic Parity (March 7, 2019)

RajMail is a commercially available email solution for the people of Rajasthan, configured and integrated for reliable email communication in their own native language. With this, Rajasthan became the first state to fully adopt and deploy a linguistically fair email service for all its residents. Developed and powered by XgenPlus, email service ‘RajMail’ extend its supports and reinforces Rajasthan’s e-governance motive. Through “RajMail” users can easily communicate through improved email services in their preferred language. This particular project has been instrumental in Rajasthan’s consequential digital transformation and by now has reached over 4 million users within the state. Read more

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Road To Freedom : Bridging The Digital Divide With Linguistic Email Services (February 5, 2019)

Team work, visionary approach, Global market with India advantage, made Data Xgen Technologies one of the most successful IT start-up. With innovation and execution of software products like BharatSync, XgenPlus, Spamjaoo, DATAMAIL has got users world over and won multiple patents. Making a modest start on April 18th 1999 as Rajasthan’s first private ISP the company rapidly expanded its line of businesses in the areas of e-Governance, Software Products, Turnkey IT Solutions and Mobile Technologies. Read More

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E-mails may soon come with #hashtags (December 27, 2018)

An Indian company is betting big on the power of #hashtags, and is preparing to embed them in e-mails to enable users narrow down their search to a particular topic or information.

Jaipur-based Data Xgen Technologies, an enterprise e-mail solution provider, has successfully completed the soft launch of its e-mail service inserted with #hashtags. A commercial launch is slated for the first week of January. Read more

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Data Xgen Technologies Awarded As "Startup of The Year " For Its Innovative Product XgenPlus - Enterprise Linguistic Email address (December 12, 2018)

Data Xgen Technologies was awarded as “Startup of The Year 2018” for its Linguistic Email Service – XgenPlus by Ravi Shankar Prasad ( Hon’ble Minister of Electronics and IT) organized by Financial Express – Express IT Award 2018.

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NASSCOM congratulated XgenPlus for being selected in the EMERGE 50 for the year 2018 (November 21, 2018)
Jaipur man Dr Ajay Data to represent India, Asia Pacific in ICANN, takes up leadership role (October 27, 2018)

Announced as the first Indian in early July this year, Dr Ajay Data, Founder & CEO of Data XGen Plus and a global leader in email linguistic services has officially taken seat as a council member at the ICANN63 AGM held in Barcelona, Spain for a two-year term.

On taking up the position at the ICANN63 meet in Spain, Dr Ajay Data said, “It is a moment of immense pride for me to be able to represent India, Australia and Asia Pacific in the ccNSO council of ICANN”. Read more

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RFRF an affiliate of RSS wants to create a 'Bharatiya' internet with local language search engine (October 1, 2018)

Research for Resurgence Foundation (RFRF), which is a wing of the RSS’s Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal, has launched its own local language email domain called Pata.domain in order to create several Indian-centric technological products, including an Indian search engine. The data center to store all the emails under it is said to be located in Nagpur.

Mukul Kanitkar, the national organizing secretary of BSM and the man behind the project was quoted by Indian Express saying, “We are thinking about a total Bharatiya Internet. Not only with email ID, but search engine, then Bharatiya domain name, websites, content, and everything. That is the plan we are working on.” Read More

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इंटरनेट पर अंग्रेजी हिन्दी के बीच की डिजिटल खाई हुई समाप्त (September 14, 2018)

देश की पहली लिंग्विस्टिक ई-मेल सेवा ‘डेटामेल’ ने इंटरनेट की दुनिया में अंग्रेजी के वर्चस्व को तोड़ते हुए हिन्दी दिवस के अवसर पर इंटरनेट पर भाषा की आजादी का संकल्प लिया है।

भाषाई ई-मेल सेवा डेटामेल को संचालित करने वाली कंपनी डेटा एक्सजेन प्लस टेक्नोलॉजी के संस्थापक एवं मुख्य कार्यकारी अधिकारी अजय डेटा ने शुक्रवार को यहां जारी बयान में कहा कि भारत को एक ऐसे पारिस्थितिकी तंत्र, जिसमें सॉफ्टवेयर, हार्डवेयर और अन्य सामग्री शामिल हैं, के विकास का जश्न मनाना चाहिए जिसने मिलकर इंटरनेट को सही मायने में समावेशी बना दिया है। Read More

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Breaking linguistic barrier in dot com presents $10 Bn opportunity for Digital Businesses (September 6, 2018)

To create a truly inclusive digital economy, Internet has to treat all domain names equally across scripts / languages. Addressing the opportunities of Universal Acceptance and the scope for adopting UA for Indic Languages, The Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) supported by ICANN organized a seminar here today. Universal acceptance is the concept that all domain names and email addresses are accepted, validated, stored, processed and displayed in a consistent and effective manner. Read More

Source: [Enterprise IT World]

ICANN to enable website name booking in Indian scripts (August 15, 2018)

Global internet body ICANN is working on a proposal to enable booking of website names in Indian scripts starting with Devanagari, Gurmukhi and Gujarati.

A Neo-Brahmi Generation Panel (NBGP), set up under ICANN, has started consultation to enable registeration of website name extension, technically called top level domain (TLD), like .com, .net, .in, in the three Indian scripts.Read More…

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Ajay Data, first Indian in ICANN (August 5, 2018)

ICANN has selected Ajay Data, Founder & CEO of Data XGen Plus and a global leader in email linguistic services, as a new council member of Country Code Supporting Organisation (ccNSO)

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Print Media:[The Indian Express]

XGENPLUS marks presence on Government e-Marketplace (July 13, 2018)

Data Xgen Technologies has announced that their Made in India Enterprise Email server and world’s first Email server Supporting EAI & IDN is now available on Government e-Marketplace.

With this initiative Xgenplus ensures that on-premises email services becomes an essential and integral part of every unit handled by the Government of India. Read More

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Data Ingenious Global Limited (Formerly Known as Data Infosys) Gets Best Employer Brand Award (June 27, 2018)
DNA Jaipur 10th Anniversary: It’s time to make it big, or go home, says Ajay Data (June 23, 2018)

We all know that Rajasthan is known for its heritage and culture and is very much known for taking care of our guests in the most respected and welcoming way, which you will not witness anywhere in the world. In last 10 years, Rajasthan has changed for good not only in terms of tourism but also in areas that were not much heard of, thus surprising both the citizens here and across the world. Read More

Source: [DNA India ]

인도 Xgen, 'DataMail' 이용하는 한국어 이메일 주소로 한국 지원 (May 24, 2018)

Data Xgen, 한국어 이메일 주소 확보하도록 한국의 주요 기업 지원 예정

Source: [yonhapnews ]

Indian it firm Xgen enables Korea with Korean language email address using Datamail (May 24, 2018)

Indian Information Technology (IT) firm Data Xgen Technologies today announced at World IT Show, Seoul, South Korea, the start of E-mail service-‘DataMail’ in Korean language on @우편.닷컴 (

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एक्सजेन ने कोरियाई भाषा में शुरू की ईमेल सर्विस ‘डेटामेल’ (May 23, 2018)

भारतीय सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी (आईटी) फर्म डेटा एक्सजेन टेक्नोलॉजी ने बुधवार को दक्षिण कोरिया के सियोल में वल्र्ड आईटी शो के दौरान कोरियाई भाषा में मेल.कॉम पर ईमेल सर्विस ‘डेटामेल’ शुरू करने की घोषणा की।

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Print Media:[Navbharat]

Data XGen offers Innovative and Secure Email Service DataMail (May 22, 2018)

Data XGen Technologies Ltd has launched an innovative service, DataMail, which provides easy and secure access to email without any password to login. Developed by Data XGen Technologies, a global innovator in linguistic email technology, the email service can be accessed with a token number on your phone, which remains valid for 20 seconds. Read more

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The app you need to make doing multi-person video, audio conference calls on your smartphone simple (May 12, 2018)

This app makes it easy to do multi-person video or audio conference calls on your smartphone. Once you sign-up for a free account, the app offers a simple interface with three tabs: Created Rooms, Joined Rooms and Meeting Logs. The plus sign lets you create a new room or join an existing one. Read more

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Xgenplus launches Videomeet app on IOS, Android (April 25, 2018)

The world’s first linguistic email service provider Data Xgen Technologies, a leader in offering linguistic email address service in Indian languages and Email Address Internalization solution on IDNs has announced the launch of Video Meet App on IOS and Android.

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Data Xgen have launched different services such as search capabilities, email and domain names in Indian languages (April 12, 2018)
एक्सजेन प्लस ने बीएसएनएल को लिंगविस्टिक डोमेन होस्ट करने की सुविधा दी (Mar 13, 2018)

दुनिया की पहले लिंगविस्टिक ईमेल सर्विस प्रोवाइडर डेटा एक्सजेन ने 15 भारतीय भाषा मे ईमेल सेवा देने के लिए बीएसएनएल से हाथ मिलाया

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Xgenplus empowers BSNL to host linguistic domains (Mar 7, 2018)

The world's first linguistic email service provider Data Xgen tied up with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) on Tuesday, supporting .bharat in 15 Indian language domains

"We are exited to announce our partnership with BSNL. To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, the team has gone further to integrate local language email addresses across the email platforms, aiming to the address linguistic barrier for the internet growth in India" said CEO, Data Xgen, Ajay Data

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एकंसजेन ने थाई भाषा में शुरू की ईमेल सुविधा (Feb 15, 2018)
भारतीय आईटी कंपनी एक्सजेनप्लस टे्नोलॉजी ने थाईलंड को ‘डाटामेल’के जरिये थाई भाषा मे ईमेल सुविधा की घोषणा की

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Indian IT firm enables email services in Thai (Feb 14, 2018)

Data Xgen has worked with a Thailand based company - THNIC Co., LTD which provides Thai domain names.

The Indian company started providing 'Datamail' e-mail service in Thai

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Datamail starts E-mail service in Chinese Language (January 12, 2018)

The IT firm Data Xgen Technologies today announced launch of e-mail service in Mandarin script for China.

The company will provide the service free of cost to individuals and charge for corporate email IDs

"India has taken a lead to build linguistic e-mail address technology which can be used globally"

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BSNL becomes first company in the world to offer protection of E-mail from hackers(January 8, 2018)

BSNL will offer xgenplus email secure folder in email account to hosted corporate and broadband customers. Initially this will be offered to corporate hosted customers and later this service will be available to all BSNL broadband customers

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Rajasthan Now offers email Service in Hindi! CM gets the First ID (December 12, 2017)

Rajasthan becomes the first state in the country to offer free email addresses to its residents in Hindi, with the facility being name@rajasthan.bharat(in Devanagari script)

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अब राजस्थान का प्रत्येक नागरिक हिंदी में ईमेल आईडी बना सकता है

अबई-मेल का इस्तेमाल करने के लिए भाषा कभी भी रोड़ा नहीं बनेगी। प्रदेश में अब वरनेक्यूलर ई-मेल आइडी शुरू हो गई हैं।

इसके तहत अब हिंदी भाषा में ई-मेल आइडी बनेगी और मेल का इस्तेमाल भी हिंदी में हो सकेगा।

CM of Rajasthan launches Rajmail free citizen Hindi email service in Rajasthan Digifest, Udaipur (December 7, 2017)

Rajmail a initiative by DoIT, Rajasthan government, is a vernacular emailing system developed by xgenplus which allows users to create their email addresses in regional language like Hindi. Read More

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अब हिंदी भाषा में बनेगी ईमेल आईडी, याहू और जीमेल जैसे डोमेन की नहीं होगी जरूरत, @राजस्थान.भारत के नाम से प्रदेश सरकार ने लाॅन्च किया नया डोमेन नेम (December 4, 2017)

अबई-मेल का इस्तेमाल करने के लिए भाषा कभी भी रोड़ा नहीं बनेगी। प्रदेश में अब वरनेक्यूलर ई-मेल आइडी शुरू हो गई हैं।

इसके तहत अब हिंदी भाषा में ई-मेल आइडी बनेगी और मेल का इस्तेमाल भी हिंदी में हो सकेगा।

मुख्यमंत्री वसुंधरा राजे ने रविवार को मोहनलाल सुखाड़िया विवि उदयपुर में हुए दूसरे डिजिफेस्ट में हिंदी ई-मेल आइडी की शुरूआत की।

इसके तहत अब आइडी बनाने के लिए जीमेल या याहू जैसे डोमेन की भी जरूरत नहीं होगा।

प्रदेश सरकार ने इसके लिए राजस्थान.भारत डोमेन भी तैयार कर लिया है। ऐसा करना वाला राजस्थान देश का पहला राज्य बन गया है।

वहीं ऐसा विश्व में पहली बार हो रहा है जब अंग्रेजी के अतिरिक्त किसी अन्य भाषा में आइडी तैयार की गई हो। इसके तहत सबसे पहली आइडी मुख्यमंत्री राजे की वसुंधरा@राजस्थान.भारत लॉन्च की गई। Read More

Source: [Dainik Bhaskar]

मुख्यमंत्री वसुंधरा राजे ने रविवार को मोहनलाल सुखाड़िया विवि उदयपुर में हुए दूसरे डिजिफेस्ट में हिंदी ई-मेल आईडी की शुरूआत की। (December 4, 2017)

मुख्यमंत्री वसुंधरा राजे ने रविवार को मोहनलाल सुखाड़िया विवि उदयपुर में हुए दूसरे डिजिफेस्ट में हिंदी ई-मेल आईडी की शुरूआत की।

इसके तहत अब आईडी बनाने के लिए जीमेल या याहू जैसे डोमेन की भी जरूरत नहीं होगा।

प्रदेश सरकार ने इसके लिए राजस्थान.भारत डोमेन भी तैयार कर लिया है। ऐसा करना वाला राजस्थान देश का पहला राज्य बन गया है।

वहीं ऐसा विश्व में पहली बार हो रहा है जब अंग्रेजी के अतिरिक्त किसी अन्य भाषा में आईडी तैयार की गई हो। इसके तहत सबसे पहली आइडी मुख्यमंत्री राजे की वसुंधरा@राजस्थान.भारत लॉन्च की गई। Read More

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डॉ अजय डाटा 1999 में प्रदेश में लाए थे इंटरनेट, अब इन्होंने ही शुरू की हिंदी में ई-मेल आईडी, जल्द ही 8 भाषाओं में होगी (December 4, 2017)

रविवार को मुख्यमंत्री ने डिजिफेस्ट में हिंदी में ई-मेल आईडी की शुरूआत की।

इसके पीछे पूरा कंसेप्ट और डिजाइनिंग डाटा एक्स जेन टैक्नॉलाजी के फाउंडर और सीईओ अजय डाटा का ही है।

हिंदी में डोमेन और ई-मेल अाइडी की शुरूआत करने वाले अजय जल्द ही 8 अन्य भाषाओं में ई-मेल लॉन्च करेंगे। Read More

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Dr. Ajay Data discussing about the importance of Email Address Internationalization at ICANN60 in Abu Dhabi

During ICANN60, several community members discussed why Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) and Email Address Internationalization (EAI) are essential to enabling users to communicate and navigate the internet entirely in their local languages. Watch the video to hear their stories and consider participating in the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) to help make the vision of a truly multilingual Internet a reality


BSNL introduces Corporate E-mail Service for Re 1 Per Day (September 8, 2017)

Bringing latest innovation and technologies to its customers, state-owned telecom firm Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) on Thursday launched its corporate E-mail service at just Re 1 per day. BSNL has partnered with Jaipur-Based firm Data Ingenious limited(formerly known as Data Infosys limited ) for providing this service to its customers across the nation. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) in a statement said that it has started offering its customers email services to ensure privacy and security of their data.

The telecom giant said users will be able to avail the service linked to their websites for a yearly fee of Rs 365 per E-mail ID. A customer is also eligible to get 1 GB storage and Rs 999 per E-mail ID with 10GB of storage. Data Ingenious (formerly known as Data Infosys) CEO Ajay Data was quoted by PTI saying. "The payment will have to be made once in a year" Read more…

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BSNL to offer Xgenplus Email with 100GB storage space to Email users (March 8,2017)

NEW DELHI: State-run telecom firm BSNL today launched an Email service, offering 100GB storage space, in partnership with Datamail provider Data Xgen.

The Email service will be free for BSNL's broadband customers on select plans. "BSNL inaugurated 100GB email storage service and the demonstration on Data Radio Service", BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Anupam Shrivastava tweeted Read More

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Data XGen to provide tech for e-mail id in Chinese, Arabic (February 27, 2017)

Indian IT start-up Data XGen Technologies today said it is set to provide tech for e-mail id in Chinese and Arabic languages.

“After successful launch of email id in Russian script, we are ready to offer technology for email id in Chinese in March and Arabic languages in May this year,” Data XGen Technologies CEO Ajay Data told reporters here.

“We are entering into Chinese and Middle East countries to enable billions of non-English people to join the worldwide Internet by simply removing the language barrier,” Data said. Read more

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Dr. Ajay Data's innovation wins Aegis Graham Bell Award (February 10, 2017)
Ajay Data was felicitated with the prestigious Graham Bell Award for the best innovation in Enterprise Solution Category. The Award was given by Dr. Jitendra Singh, Minister of state in PMO at annual Aegis Graham Bell Awards organized at NDMC convention Centre. Parliament Street, New Delhi.

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एमटीएनएल उपभोक्ताओ को दे रही है निशुल्क ईमेल सेवा (February 1, 2017)
డేటామెయిల్‌ నుంచి ‘డేటారేడియో’ (January 26, 2017)

ప్రాంతీయ భాషల్లో ఈమెయిల్‌ ఐడీ సేవలు అందించే డేటామెయిల్‌ సంస్థ తాజాగా వాయిస్‌ ఆధారిత సోషల్‌ మీడియా మెసేజింగ్‌ ఫీచర్‌ డేటారేడియోను ప్రవేశపెట్టింది. విపరీత కామెంట్లు, ఆన్‌లైన్‌ వేధింపులు మొదలైన వాటి గురించి భయపడనక్కర్లేకుండా యూజర్లు తమ ఫాలోయర్లకు ఆడియో సందేశాలను ప్రసారం చేసుకునేందుకు ఇది ఉపయోగపడుతుంది. డేటామెయిల్‌ యూజర్లు.. తమ పేర్లతో తమకంటూ ఓ రేడియో చానల్‌ రూపొందించుకోవచ్చని, దాని గురించి తెలిసిన వారు సబ్‌స్క్రయిబ్‌ చేసుకోవచ్చని డేటా ఎక్స్‌జెన్‌ టెక్నాలజీస్‌ వ్యవస్థాపక సీఈవో అజయ్‌ డేటా తెలిపారు. Read More


अपना खुद का 'डाटारेडियो' शुरू करिए, आपको चाहिए सिर्फ एक स्मार्टफोन.... (January 26, 2017)

8 भारतीय भाषाओं में उपलब्ध एक ई-मेल सेवा ‘डाटामेल’ ऐप में एक और विशेष फीचर जोड़ा गया है. यह है ‘डाटारेडियो’. जोकि अपनी तरह की एक अलहदा सुविधा है जिसे महत्वपूर्ण विषयों पर अपने श्रोताओं को इंफॉर्म करने के लिए बनाया गया है. डाटामेल करीब 3 महीने पहले भारत में लॉन्च किया गया था. (डाटामेल के बारे में यहां क्लिक करके जानें विस्तृत बातें) केंद्र सरकार की नोटंबदी की घोषणा के बाद डिजिटल इंडिया की मुहिम को एक कदम और आगे बढ़ाते हुए बीएसएनएल ने ‘डाटामेल’ सेवा की शुरूआत की थी.

डाटा रेडियो में वन-वे मैसेजिंग की सुविधा है और इसे इस तरह डिजाइन किया गया है कि प्रेषक और प्राप्तकर्ता की पहचान का खुलासा भी नहीं किया जाए और उन्हें सुरक्षित रखते हुए ट्रोलिंग के खतरे से भी बचाया जा सके. बुधवार को तकनीकी अन्वेषक और डाटा एक्सजेन टेक्नोलॉजीज प्राइवेट लिमिटेड के संस्थापक और सीईओ डॉ. अजय डाटा ने भाषाई ई-मेल सेवाओं के तहत अनूठे ‘डाटारेडियो’ को लॉन्च करने का ऐलान किया. डॉ. अजय डाटा कहते हैं, डाटामेल की डाटारेडियो सेवा निशुल्क होगी और इसके तहत उपयोगकर्ता अपने प्रशंसकों, अनुयाइयों या अपने समूह को जानकारी देने के लिए अपना खुद का ‘डाटा रेडियो चैनल’ शुरू कर सकता है. Read More

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Datamail launches voice based social media feature (January 26, 2017)

Indian email service provider Datamail has launched voice-based social media messaging feature Dataradio which allows users to broadcast messages to their followers without the fear of being 'trolled', spammed or online abuse.

"DataRadio is fully made in India and unique social media solution integrated with Email. Now bollywood, sports or any celebrity, and indivisuals can communicate with their fans and followers without worrying about their identity theft, trolling and abuse," Data Xgen Technologies Founder and CEO Ajay Data said.

Sources: [Voice&Data] [Mobility] [Tick Tick News] [Zee News] [India Today] [Tweeter News] [Newznew] [Linked In] [India] [Outlook India] [Data Quest] [Gadgets Now] [Silicon India] [Tehalka TV] [EIN News]

Sunder Pichai CEO Google Views on Datamail (January 6, 2017)

There are very few technology offerings in regional languages. Indus OS, Android based operating system with in-built translation and transliteration support is one of the good efforts in this direction. Datamail has launched email addresses in eight Indian languages. Read More

Datamail solving uniquely Indian problems to beat foreign competition (January 5, 2017)

The world's first free linguistic email service. Its flagship product Datamail is an app that provides Email domain names in Indian languages. Datamail aims to tap the larger portion of rural and non-English speaking population. Read more

Now, Email IDs through multiple Indian languages (January 3, 2017)

Public sector telecom provider, BSNL has tied up with Datamail to provide free local language email ids to its customers in Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Marathi. Eventually the Email service will be offered in 22 Indian languages.

The mails will have the domain extension of @Dataone.Bharat

The Made-in-India 'Datamail' App also allows creating Email IDs in Arabic, Russian and Chinese. Touted as the "World's first free linguistic Email address service" Datamail is accessible through all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Netscape, Flox etc. Read more

Datamail, world's first free linguistic email service now accessible on computer (December 27, 2016)

The world's first free linguistic email address service 'DATAMAIL' is now accessible through computers using all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Netscape, Safari and flox.

One of India's largest IT services organization, Data Xgen Technologies Pvt. LTD, a group company of Jaipur-based Data Ingenious (previously known as Data infosys) in October had launched world's first free linguistic Email Address for smartphones under the name 'DATAMAIL' that allowed to create Email ID in eight Indian Languages - Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bangla, Marathi, English, and three foreign languages - Arabic, Russian and Chinese

Sources:[BGR] [International Technology] [] [News 18] [Digit] [News Track India] [NDTV] [Zee News] [Data Quest] [The People Post] [Tell Me Boss] [] [News State] [Kerala 365] [IBN7] [Khas Khabar] [Jan Satta] [Tweeternews] [Kmhouseindia] [Yahoo News]

Заработал кириллический почтовый сервис @почта.рус (December 8, 2016)

Сервис предоставляет возможность каждому желающему бесплатно зарегистрировать адрес электронной почты на русском языке и обмениваться сообщениями со всеми пользователями сети. Как сообщает издание, все популярные браузеры поддерживают работу с @почта.рус.

По мнению представителей «Координационного центра национального домена сети интернет», появление кириллической почты станет новый толчком к развитию IDN-доменов во всем мире, в том числе и национального российского домена .РФ.


Made in India 'Datamail' empowers Russia with Email Address in Russian language (December 7, 2016)

Russian company Webnames limited today announced partnership with Indian IT start-up Data Xgen to use its technology for providing Email ID in Russian script.

"Being a pioneering company for IDN web addresses names in Russia by offering domains and email address service in our own language. It was Russian's dream since last 13 years and today with the help of an Indian innovator Ajay Data," Webnames LLC Director Alexei Sozonov said in a statement.

Sources:[Samachar Jagat] [India Today] [Pocket Press Release] [Press Note] [Hello Rajasthan] [Digital Conqurer] [Voice Data]

Print Media:[Punjab Kesari] [Dainik Bhaskar] [Daily News] [Rajasthan Patrika] [The Hindu] [Nav Gujarat Samay] [Economic Times] [DNA] [DNA India]

Dr. Data honored in Digital India Seminar for providing Linguistic Email(November 20,2016)

Government of India felicitates Dr. Ajay Data during Digital India event of "Empowerment and Transformation" in Pragati Maidan, Delhi for outstanding work for Innovating and offering Linguistic Email Address and supporting

Print Media:[Dainik Bhaskar] [DNA] [Hukumnama] [Morning News] [Raj Vaibhav] [Rajasthan Patrika][SAMACHAR JAGAT] [Virat Vaibhav]

Data Xgen launches linguistic Email ID Service in India (October 18, 2016)

In a breakthrough move to give digital empowerment to native language speakers. Data xgen technologies today launched a linguistic email address app-Datamail. What the company claims to be the first service in the world based on IDN (International Domain Name), Datamail offers email id and domain name in eight Indian languages. The app is free to download and is available on Android and IOS platforms.

With around 220 million users, India is the world's second biggest smartphone market Read More

Data xgen launches paid Hindi email service (August 29, 2016)

Jaipur based enterprise email provider Data Xgen Technologies has launched a paid email service in Hindi Devnagari script. This is especially for .bharat domains names, but can also be used for other domains. As of now, the company offers email packages starting at Rs 99, Rs 499, Rs 999 and Rs 1499, which looks like monthly plans.

Ajay Data, the company's founder and CEO told MediaNama that it plans to launch an app for sending free email in Indic language, starting with Hindi. Data said that he was hopeful about Hindi email adoption given the vast majority of the population in India was rural and did not understand English. Read more

आप ज़ल्द ही हिन्दी समेत आठ भारतीय भाषाओं मे ई-मेल आईडी लिख सकते हैं (October 7, 2016)

अब दुनिया में पहली बार क्षेत्रीय भाषा- लिपि में लिखा ईमेल पता हमने बनाया है| अब आप रोमन में ईमेल आईडी लिखने से मुक्त हो सकते है| आप लिख सकते है मंजिल@अमरउजाला.भारत | हिन्दी सहित आठ भारतीय भाषाओ-लिपियों में अगले महीने यह हो पाएगा| आज भी देश में 89% लोग गैर अंग्रेजी भाषी है| Read more

Sources: [Amar Ujala]

Now book free domain name, paid email ids in 6 Indian scripts (September 14, 2016)

People can now book domain or website name for free in six Indian language script - Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi and Marathi

Indian IT start-up firm Data Group today launched domain booking service with .Bharat for free with extension like .com, .net, in but the .bharat extension will be in devnagari script.

"Starting today, which is celebrated as Hindi Divas, anyone can book their domain name in six Indian scripts with .bharat (in devnagari script) extension for free from our website and also get email ID created, which is on paid basis, in Indian scripts," Data Group Founder and CEO Ajay Data told PTI. Data Group is the first company to start the service. Read more

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Urdu speaking people can now have websites with domain name in Urdu script (September 16, 2016)

Hyderabad: There's a good news for Urdu knowing people, they can now book domain or website name in Urdu. Indian IT start-up firm Data group on Wednesday launched domain booking service for free in seven Indian language scripts - Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi and Marathi.

According to the details provided by the Data group, the project has been designed to enable technology for promotion of content in local languages. This will help people develop content in Indian languages and provide access to those who don't read and write English. Data Group is the first company to start the service. Read more

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Digital India: हिंदी सहित 6 भारतीय भाषाओं में फ्री domain नाम, लेकिन E-mail और पोर्टल पर चार्ज (September 15, 2016 )

हिंदी व उर्दू सहित छह भारतीय भाषाओं की लिपियों में वेबसाइट का ‘डॉट भारत’ एक्सटेंशन वाला डोमेन नाम अब नि:शुल्क पंजीबद्ध कराया जा सकता है। हालांकि इन लिपियों में ईमेल आईडी व पोर्टल बनाने के लिए शुल्क देना होगा। भारतीय आईटी स्टार्टअप दाता समूह ने यह पहल की है। कंपनी अपनी इकाई एक्सजेन प्लस के जरिए ईमेल सेवाएं उपलब्ध कराएगी।

दाता ग्रुप के संस्थापक व सीईओ अजय दाता ने पीटीआई भाषा को यह जानकारी दी। उन्होंने कहा कि नि:शुल्क डोमेन नाम पंजीकरण की सुविधा हिंदी:देवनागरी: व उर्दू के साथ साथ तमिल, तेलुगु, गुजराती, पंजाबी व मराठी की लिपियों में उपलब्ध होगी। कंपनी ने ‘डॉट भारत’ एक्सटेंशन में डोमेन बुकिंग आज शुरू की लेकिन यह देवनागरी में होगा।Read more

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Jaipur IT co beats global peers to offer Email ID in native language (August 25, 2016)

Ever wondered why you cannot get an E-mail in your native language? it's because Office 365, Rediff, Yahoo and theie ilk don't support IDN (international domain name) E-mail services. But that's history

Now, governments corporations, communities or individual can have their e-mail addresses in languages like Hindi, Bangla, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi and other regional languages, thanks to the innovations of the jaipur based Data Myxgen Technologies Pvt. LTD

"This is first in the world. What the global tech giants have not done, we have achieved that providing a unicode complaint E-mail server helping us to break the language barriers. After the government of India introduced .bharat (in hindi script) two years ago, we are the first to pioneer the technology to host the domain and offer E-mail addresses in regional languages, " said Ajay Data, founder & CEO of Data Myxgen Technologies Read More

Now, get an Email address in Hindi (August 23, 2016)

Well, in what is undoubtedly a proud moment for the Indian web community, Xgenplus - made in India email server software - is now capable of offering support for email address in a wide variety of languages - including our prominent regional languages. This marks the first time that a major service provider has extended identity support to the local languages as well.

Yup. for the longest time ever, folks looking for email addresses in native languages had to be disappointed as no arrangements for the same was made by any if the existing service providers including Rediff, Yahoo and even Office 365 Suite of services. However, Xgenplus is there to fill the gap by becoming the 1st email provider to support IDN based domain email IDs Read More

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BSNL to provide services to retrieve 30 year old emails (April 25, 2016)

State-run telecom firm BSNL today said its customers using its hosting and email services will soon have a facility their mails deleted as long as 30 years ago.

"This capability guarantees more security of data for users and provides power to recover from accidentally deleted emails at his own web-based email platform. He doesn't require any administrator of BSNL or an expert of data recovery. This capability will be for each and every user in his email," BSNL Director CFA NK Gupta said in a statement.

The facility is now available for customers using '' , '@sancharnet', '@dataone' and domains hosted with BSNL. Read more

Xgenplus a make in India Enterprise Email Platform to Level with Global Email players (May 21, 2016)

According to report by 'The Radical Group', a US based technology market research firm the number of worldwide email accounts continues to grow from over 4.1 billion accounts in 2014 to an estimated 5.2 billion by end of 2018. The report further states that the total number of worldwide email users is also inflating from over 2.5 billion in 2014 to approximately 2.8 billion in 2018. But with the market undergoing continuous expansion and competition, customers are reluctant to wait for a business to revert. Also another study indicates that when customers or potential customers contact an online organization, 80 percent prefer communicating by Email instead of phone and over 50 percent don't prefer conducting business with a company if an adequate response is not received within average response time, which is usually 72 hours. But while most online organizations communicate regularly with customers via email, only few are equipped to cater a highly satisfactory email customer service to their clientele. Read more..